Uneven Structure

Uneven Structure are a 6-piece French metal band. They have been roaring down the microphone and djenting on 8-strings since 2008. You can hear the definite fanboying of Meshuggah throughout their songs. The harsh vocals with heavy oddly timed guitars, but like a few other djent bands this is mixed in with clean vocals throughout giving a fantastic range of music.

In 2009 Uneven Structure made their debut with their EP “8”. They were working on their first album at the time but wanted to get something out as a band. The EP was released as a free download online and was very well received. Among their fans were the organisers of the Euroblast Festival as well as Basick Records who signed them prior to their release of the debut album Februus. 8 was made up of a mish-mash of riffs pulled from the material they were going to use for Februus. This was before they had the full band together and were lacking a vocalist but luckily they managed to get Daniel Ädel, the vocalist for Vildhjarta, involved. 8 was then re-recorded and re-released in 2013 while they are working on their second album La Partition.

Uneven Structure began with Igor Omodei and Benoit Friedrich. They are childhood friends who always enjoyed jamming together and in 2005 they began making music more seriously under the name Longchat. They continued under this name until 2008 when Aurélien Perreira joined the band and they became Uneven Structure. You can hear a couple of Longchat tracks on Omodei’s youtube channel where you can definitely hear the foundations of Uneven Structure.  

Uneven Structure take creating their music extremely seriously, they want each album to run together as a single piece, telling the listener a story. This is why it likely takes them over four years to write and release an album! They want each new album to be a fresh masterpiece that pushed their limits as a band creatively.

The Uneven Structures Run Down

Uneven Structure

Guitar – Igor Omodei

Omodei is one of the founding members and main composer for Uneven Structure. Omodoi also runs a small A/v business out of his home town of Montpellier, where he offers video production Services as well as artwork, compositing and music post-production.

Bass – Benoit Friedrich

Other than being the bass player for Uneven Structure, Friedrich is rather a mystery. But so long as he is killing it on bass that’s all that matters here!

Guitar – Jerome Colombelli

Colombelli is also the guitar player for God’s Empire.  He joined up with Uneven Structure in 2008.

Guitar –  Aurélien Perreira

Perreira primarily provides the ambient sounds heard throughout Uneven Structure’s songs, this comes from his love of electronic music. He found himself spending the majority of his computer screen so he decided to take his vast knowledge and start producing music for others through FLATCURVE productions.

Vocals – Matthieu Romarin

Romarin, who has been a member of Uneven Structure since 2010, won the band Rush’s 40th-anniversary cover competition with a fantastic rendition of Rush’s 

Romarin also a member of the band AnantA who disbanded in 2013.  Romarin is also a member for band ESCAPETHECULT who are across world, creative formation featuring members from the USA, Sweden, France and Siberia.  ESCAPETHECULTS also hired Omodei to create the visual artworks for their digital album available on Bandcamp.

Drums – Arnaud Verrier

Verrier is the latest member of Uneven Structure when he joined the band in 2015. Verrier is also the drummer for metal band Zuul FX who have been on the go since 2003! He was also the drummer for Kadinja up until he joined Uneven Structure.