Ultimate Guide To Curt Mangan Guitar Strings

Curt Mangan’s strings were suggested to me by someone on our Twitter and I am so glad they were! I was so impressed by the high quality of these strings I decided to put together this ultimate guide to make sure everyone tries out these superb guitar strings. Read on to read reviews of the Curt Mangan Bass Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar Strings, and Electric Guitar Strings!

Curt Mangan Strings FINAL

Curt Mangan founded his string making company in 2004 after stepping down as director of sales for Ernie ball after 17 years. Curt Mangan brings 50 years of experience and passion to his company to make strings using only the very best materials. There are no flashy sales techniques, they let their phenomenal product speak for itself.

All of Curt Mangan Strings state that they are “Fusion Matched”, I assumed this was another marketing ploy of some kind similar to Ernie balls cobalt strings which did not impress me. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s their business model, Curt Mangan wanted to combine knowledge of Player, Industry, and Handcrafting Strings to bring you the best strings a guitarist could want!

All of Curt Mangan’s strings are hex core unless they are branded otherwise – there are a few round core electric strings and some flat wound bass strings- the hex core keeps the outer core of the strings in place making them longer lasting and sturdier in the hand.

Most of the strings are available coated or uncoated, Curt Mangan spent many years developing their string coating to provide maximum protection without compromising tone. This means you get the same great tone with strings that stay fresh for longer. But then why do people use uncoated strings? Because they do have a different feel to the finger when playing and how you like your strings to feel is personal preference.

Curt Mangan Electric Guitar Strings Review

Curt Mangan’s pure nickel electric guitar strings are my current favourites. I’d never given much thought to pure nickel string before but there warmer tone produces a really different sound if you are used to playing nickel wound strings.

You can also get Curt Mangan’s string sets in the following styles

  • Nickel Wound
  • Nickel Wound coated
  • Stainless
  • Pure Nickel
  • Vintage Pure Nickel Round Core

The Vintage Pure nickel round core strings are one of the newer additions to the Curt Mangan guitar string line up. Round core strings need a little more time to settle in after installing and to be treated with a little more care when you’re playing but they have a clearer tone at less tension making them easier to play. You can get the vintage pure nickel round core strings in gauges 10-46, 11-48 and 9-42.

Curt Mangan Electric Guitar String Gauges

  • 08-38Electric Guitar Strings
  • 09-42
  • 09.5-44
  • 10-38
  • 10-46
  • 10-48
  • 10-50
  • 11-48
  • 11-52
  • 11-54 Drop Tuning
  • 12-54
  • 13-56

You can also get them for 7 and 8 string guitars! Hurray! You can get 7 strings sets in 9-52, 10-56,10-60. You can get 8 string guitar sets in 9-84. Finally, Curt Mangan have a set of 10-48s available for 12 string electric guitars.

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Curt Mangan Acoustic Guitar Strings

Now the acoustic guitar strings are awesome. You’ll get them on your guitar and experience hearing it for the first time! It’s like all along you were listening to the guitar through a thick blanket and it was pulled off! Curt Mangan acoustic guitar strings are available in 4 styles:

  • 80/20 Bronze
  • 80/20Bronze Coated
  • Phosphor Bronze
  • Phosphor Bronze Coated

80/20 bronze strings were used up until the 70s when phosphor bronze strings became available. The 80/20 split is 80% bronze and 20% inc, they provide balanced highs and lows and increased midrange making the notes cut through the noise. Meanwhile, Phosphor Bronze strings are 92% copper, 7% zinc, and 1% phosphorous, they provide nice highs and lows and are designed to reduce tarnish and corrosion ultimately making the strings last longer.

The Curt Mangan Acoustic Guitar String Gauges

  • 9-46Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • 10-48
  • 10-50
  • 10-52
  • 11-52
  • 11.5-53
  • 12-53
  • 12-54
  • 12-56 Bluegrass
  • 12.5-55
  • 13-56
  • 14-58
  • 16-56

If you haven’t played 80/20 bronze strings before then definitely pick up a pair to try, they just sound incredible.

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Curt Mangan Bass Guitar String Review

Like the Electric and Acoustic counterparts, the Curt Mangan Bass guitar strings are amongst the best you can get, long lasting, durable, not to mention they sound phenomenal! They also produce strings for 5 string and 6 string basses. No corner has been skipped to produce these well balanced great feeling strings! Curt Mangan Bass Guitar String sets are available in:

  • Nickel Wound
  • Nickel Wound Coated
  • Stainless
  • Stainless Flatwound
  • Acoustic Bass Phosphor

Curt Mangan Flatwound strings are a little more expensive than most flat wound strings but they are absolutely worth it for how often you will have to change them! They come in 45-105 for 4 string bass and 45-125 for a 5 string bass.

Curt Mangan Bass Guitar String Set Gauges

  • 40-95Bass guitar Strings
  • 40-100
  • 45-105
  • 50-110
  • 55-110
  • 30-125 5 string
  • 40-125 5 string
  • 30-130 6 string
  • 45-100 12 string bass

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Like I said, these are some of the best strings available and it always feels great to support a small business providing a great product so try them out, you won’t be disappointed! You can also get Curt Mangan strings for banjo, ukulele, and mandolin!

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