Another one of the forerunners of djent. Founded by Acle Kahney, another enthusiast of the sevenstrings.com forum, TesseracT are known for their off-time rhythms and dreamy atmospheric layers to their songs. As a whole, the band have never been a fan of harsh vocals nad it’s something they’ve tried to move away from. With their debut album, harsh vocals do feature but it’s because they felt they had to since it is somewhat expected in the genre. I’m glad they’re moving away from that though and feeling confident enough to be fully themselves.

Formed in 2007, this self-produced band have toured the world over, playing alongside heavyweights such as Protest The Hero and The Devin Townsend Project.They also seem to have a never-ending cycle of vocalists! Now back with their original vocalist Dan Thompson hopefully, they have found their final line up.

You can tell TesseracT are wanting to focus more on their melody side of the music since they re-released their first album One as an instrumental piece. If you’re new to TesseracT check out Utopia. Awesome song, one of my favourites. Also, TesseracT are an Endorser of one of Djent Hub’s favourite ever programs, Guitar Pro! So be sure to check out our review of Guitar Pro 6 here!

The Run Down


Acle Kahney

Kahney started TesseracT in 2003 as a side project while in the band Fell Silent. In Fellssilent, he played alongside fellow djent enthusiast John Browne who went on to form Monuments. Kahney left Fell Silent in 2009 to focus on TesseracT full time. Fell silent eventually disbanded entirely in 2010 due to every member moving on to other creative ventures.

Kaheny also runs a studio in Brighton offering online mastering and mixing services. 4Dsounds is run with the help of Fellow Tesseract Bass player Amos Williams.

Fun Fact! Kahney has been playing guitar in drop-D for so long he has forgotten how to play in standard tuning!

James Monteith

Monteith has been the rhythm guitarist in TesseracT since 2006. When he is not rocking out those funky rhythms with Tesseract he is the director of Hold Tight! PR. A music PR company focusing on affordable PR for talented bands throughout all genres of Rock and Metal.

Fun Fact! Monteith is a huge lover of Gin.

Amos Williams

Amos Willaims, The bass player of TesseracT, joined  alongside James Monteith in 2006. Williams runs 4d studios alongside Acle Kahney. Before playing the Bass Williams was a drummer and he played for an Indonesian Ensemble playing Gamelan, which is a traditional Indonesian ensemble of music made up of percussive instruments.

Fun Fact! Williams likes to play his gigs barefoot because he tends to overheat on stage.

Jay Postones

As the drummer of the band, Postones joined TesseracT in 2005 right before Williams and Monteith did. Postones first heard TesseracT when a friend played him a demo. He was instantly hooked and spent the next 18 months hassling Acle Kahney to let him join.  Postones is also the drummer for the band Heights

Fun Fact! Postones started his musical love at the age of three when he took up the keyboard.

Daniel Tompkins

Tompkins has been the lead vocalist for TesseracT twice during its lifetime. He first came on board in 2009 but left again in 2011 due to “his priorities in life changing” He then ended up joining the Band Skyharbour as lead vocalist before leaving to join TesseracT again in 2014.

Fun Fact! Tompkins used to work the beat working as a police officer