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The Guitar Neck – All You Need To Know

This is part of the guitar buyers guide series, everything you could possibly need to know about the neck of your guitar, talking about the Scale Length, Guitar Neck Profile, Guitar Fretboard Radius, and your Frets. For proper guitar neck care be sure to check out the best fretboard oils and how to use them!

Scale Length

Scale length of a guitar is twice the length from the nut of the guitar to the 12th fret, it should not be confused with Guitar neck length, which is the length of the neck. Guitar scale length ranges hugely through electric guitars from 22.5” on Junior guitars right up to 30” and more on an 8 string guitar. Bass guitar scale length is bigger still, where shorter scale basses start around 30” and longer scale guitar go as high as 35”, It does go higher than this but they tend to be custom made or are just up and beyond the reach of most players. Now what does scale length do and why should you care? Read on.

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