Snark SN 10s Pedal Tuner Review

As sturdy as a prison and twice as useful, the Snark SN 10s Pedal tuner is one of the best value pedal tuners you can get. The Snark SN pedal tuner provides fantastic tuning accuracy, a large bright screen display, and lightning fast response. All you could possibly want for a chromatic stompbox tuner with the added bonus of the incredible price! Find it here on Amazon!

Why the Snark SN 10s Pedal Tuner

Snark SN-1 Pedal TunerThe Snark SN 10s Pedal tuner is a really accurate pedal tuner. With an incredibly solid case holding this tuner together alongside the big bright display it is a great addition to your guitar pedal line up. Because of the direct input, the Snark Pedal Tuner is more accurate than the Snark Sn series of clip-on tuners. If you are in the market for a clip on tuner read our review of the Snark Sn Clip on tuners.

The only drawback to the solid metal design is that the 9v battery is harder to reach. It’s not impossible of course, it’s just a little harder than other pedals. I’m not really a fan of using batteries in pedals anyway, I’ve always opted to have a direct power source straight to the pedal and have the battery as a backup.

The Snark SN 10s pedal tuner comes with a 9v battery but does not come with an A/C power adapter. As I said, I am not a fan of relying on battery power for your pedals, you don’t want to be up on stage and have to switch out a battery, but you also don’t want to be trailing a load of cables just for your pedals. This is where the Snark Pedal Tuner comes in, it has power in and power out jacks on the back of the pedal which can be combined with the Snark pedal daisy chain to power up to 5 pedals from a single power supply. I’d recommend the Snark Pedal Power Supply. Buying the pedal, the adapter, and the daisy chain works out cheaper than most multi-pedal power supplies.Plus, you get the added bonus of a guitar tuner!

The display is perhaps my favourite part of this pedal. It is big bright and in your face, no messing about with tiny flickering screens you could be up a ladder and see this bad boy. Some people talked about the screen not showing up outside but I don’t know what they were talking about. I can only assume that they needed to get the battery changed.

Fast response is always a must when it comes to your guitar tuner. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for your tuner to catch up every time you strike the note. That is not a problem with the Snark Sn 10s Pedal Tuner. The Snark Pedal tuner has fast response and stable output, no bouncing around notes when you’re trying to tune as happens in most microphone tuners. This impeccable accuracy will stay true all the way down to low B and lower, a great tuner for 7 and 8 string guitars.

The final feature of the Snark Sn 10s pedal tuner I’m going to talk about in this review is the pitch calibration. The tuner comes set to the 440Hz pitch, standard to most guitars but for those who feel the need you can alter the pitch anywhere from 415-466Hz.

Overall, the power of the Snark SN10s Pedal Tuner cannot be scoffed at. The lightning fast response over any range of notes on top of the fantastic display is unrivaled for tuners in this price range. Not to mention that the thing is built like a brick shit house!

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