Snark SN 1 Tuner Review

Anyone who is looking to buy an easy to use tuner with fast response and incredible accuracy need look no further than the Snark SN series of tuners. I will be focusing on the SN 1 tuner suited for guitar and bass, for those looking for other instruments read one!

The SN 1 tuner does not have a microphone and works using the vibrations of the strings so you can tune your guitar anywhere, however noisy it is. Even live on stage, the Snark Sn 1 tuner gives you accurate tuning and fast response so you can tune your guitar while your fans thunder applause at you and keep on playing hardly interrupted. No need to mess around swapping cables to plug in your tuner or add an extra pedal into your guitar line. No hassle, just a simple to use tuner. Find it here on Amazon!

Snark Sn 2 ReviewSnark Sn 1 Tuner

The Snark Sn 1 tuner has a 360-degree rotatable display allowing you to see your tuner from any angle. The sturdy clips allow for easy transmission of vibrations to give you quick response and accurate tuning.

The Sn-1 Tuner comes with a couple of other really cool features aside from being a great tuner. It comes with a visual metronome that flashes a red light on the screen at your chosen tempo. Now to select a tempo you can hit the TAP-MET button the side of the Snark Sn-1 Tempo once and it will give you a steady beat of 100 BPM, you can then adjust this using the up/down buttons. Or, and this is what I think is truly awesome, you can tap out the tempo you want on the TAP-MET button and it will sense the tempo and display it for you. Cool right?

There is also a Pitch Calibration function on the Snark Sn 1 which comes set at 440Hz as standard and can be adjusted anywhere in the range of 415-466Hz. Now this is not something most people will want to do as tuning to a different pitch will make your guitar sound out of tune compared to other instruments. But, it can also give your guitar a really unique sound. Dimebag Darrel adjusted his pitch by about a quarter step down which gave him a really heavy sound. It worked because all the guitars in the band were tuned that way. So it is something you can experiment with but if you start sounding off then that’s why. Luckily, every time the Snark SN 1 tuner is switched off it reverts back to the standard 440Hz.

Some people have commented on the Snark Sn1 tuner breaking apart not long after they bought it. Now You would hope I wouldn’t have to tell people to look after their things yet here we are.  The tuner is sturdily put together but it is not invincible. It is not marketed as an unbreakable tuner and so should be treated with some care, just like any other piece of musical equipment.

Other Snark Sn Tuners

The Sn 1 tuner is just one of several available, it is specifically tailored to guitars and basses, both electric and acoustic. This doesn’t mean it won’t work for other stringed instruments but it will be most accurate for guitars and basses.

You also have the Snark SN 2 which is suitable for all instruments because of its inbuilt microphone. It is equally as powerful as the SN 1 simple more versatile yet less suitable for noisey environment due to the microphone.

Next is the SN 5 which is made for guitar, bass, and violin. If you are looking for a guitar or bass tuner I would stick with the Sn 1, but for violins, this is a fantastic tuner. The Sn 5 works the same way as the other tuners but is calibrated for most accuracy on a violin allowing you quick, easy, accurate tuning. You can also leave it on and read off the notes while you play which really helps when learning all the notes of the violin!

Finally, you have the SN 6 Ukulele tuner. Again the same as the other products, no microphone but calibrated for ukulele tunings.

You can see all the Sn tuners here on amazon

So there you have it, the Snark Sn 1 is without a doubt the best clip on guitar tuner you can get thanks to its high accuracy, ease of use and impeccable response time. So, if you are looking for a guitar tuner you can rely on, on and off the stage plus everywhere in between then you can go to amazon and order your own Sn 1 tuner through this link.

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