Created in 2005 as the brainchild of Misha “Bulb” Mansoor, Periphery has it’s roots in Washington D.C. Known for smashing out wicked riffs live on stage while hitting it hard in the studio and self-producing some of the most influential albums in djent. The music produced by periphery is so in depth and full of layers that to play a live show not consisting entirely of the backing track they need no less than 3 guitars.

Periphery offer an incredible mix of soaring vocal melodies with groovy bass riffs, followed up with screaming and wickedly technical guitar riffs. Periphery have a skill for making some of the catchiest songs in metal while providing the djent chug we all know and love. They will always be pushing the boundaries of what they do and it’s a band I will be following for a long time to come!

Periphery was created largely as a creative venture. The band knew that they were in such a niche of music that they wouldn’t be making the big bucks! Luckily for us, they went with it anyway and through various other side projects, they do make a full-time living from their music.

Because of their technical riffs and impressively composed music they are a band that are enjoyed by musicians. The people who listen and understand how hard it must have been to write the songs and how skilled the players must be to play them at all let alone live!

For those new to Periphery I cannot get enough of listening to Icarus lives from their debut album but for those looking for their newer material check out Alpha.

The Run Down


Misha Mansoor

As the founding member of Periphery, Mansoor is one of those people who must not need sleep. He has so many projects running at once! As well as being a writer, producer and performer for periphery he is a member of the band Haunted Shores alongside fellow Periphery Guitarist Mark Holcomb. He began producing a lot of his own music at home and uploading to the internet via the name “Bulb” where he began gaining a following which no doubt helped with the success of Periphery. He is also supposed to be working on a solo album, this has been in the works since 2013 so it is obviously not a priority at this point. Mansoor also runs a production company “Top Secret Audio” with the help of Periphery Bass Player Adam Getgood. They have produced a number of works notably Joy of Motion by fellow djent enthusiasts Tesseract.

Fun fact! Mansoor talks about Nobuo Uematsu as one of his influences. Uematsu is a Japenese composer who wrote the score for the Final Fantasy series.

Jake Bowen

Jake Bowen has been a member of Periphery since 2007. As well as having lightening fast fingers to keep up with the periphery licks Bowen writes electronic Music. His debut album Isometric is available free to listen on Bandcamp and download is available on a pay what you want starting at $10.

Fun Fact! Bowen is the nephew of guitarist John Petrucci

Mark Holcomb

Halcomb joined Periphery in 2011 and never looked back. He is known for occasionally offering guitar lessons. But more importantly, he is known fo his signature PRS which will be talked about below!

Fun Fact! Before Periphery Mark Halcomb worked for the peace core.

Adam “Nolly” Getgood

As the bassist for Periphery since 2012, Getgood is the only member of Periphery to have hailed from across the Atlantic. Leaving his English roots and his former band Red Seas Fire. Getgood also makes up the other half of “Top Secret Audio”. Adam Getgood is a music produced as his day to day job so teaming up with Mansoor for “Top Secret Audio” Makes perfect sense

Fun Fact! Getgood learned bass specifically to play live with periphery on their first tour. Periphery needed someone to play bass and asked if Getgood would be willing to learn.

Matt Halpern

As the drummer of Periphery since 2009, Halpern is possibly most well known for rocking a v-neck throughout his tours and appearances. He also founded in 2012 which allowed musicians to offer lessons to their fans but unfortunately Halpern has had to shut down the site due to other commitments. (

Fun Fact: Halpern starred in a horror short called polaroid, the score of which was written by none other than Misha Mansoor. Check it out!

Spencer Sotelo

Spencer Sotelo came on board periphery in 2010 close to the release of Periphery’s debut album. He recorded all the vocal tracks but did not have time to re-write them fully to be his own so it is mostly the work of periphery’s former singer Chris Baretto.

Fun Fact! Spencer Sotello is also the lead vocalist for band From First To Last

Signature Equipment

Perhaps one of the many reasons Periphery is a band for musicians is that every member except the vocalist has a signature instrument!

Misha Mansoor has his own signature guitar from Jackson. The Jackson-Misha-Mansoor-Juggernaut-HT6.He also has a signature overdrive pedal from Protone Pedals.

Jake Bowen as his signature PRS, the Ibanez JBM100,  This guitar has been dubbed djent on a 6 string! Though djenting on anything less than 7 strings could be considered sacrilege to some purists.

Mark Halcomb also has a signature PRS, the PRS Mark Halcomb Limited Edition Custom 24, equipped with his custom pickups dubbed “Alpha” and “Omega”

Mark Halcomb also has a signature delay pedal from Protone.

Adam Getgood has his own signature bass Dingwall Adam “Nolly” Getgood NG-2 Bass.

Matt Halpern has a signature snare drum, the Mapex Wraith Matt Halpern Artist Inspired Black Panther Snare Drum 14 x 6 in.


Periphery use a variety of tuning on their albums which result in them needing a small army of guitars when they go on tour! Primarily they use drop C on a 6 string and drop Ab on a 7 string. Sometimes dropping that C to a Bb then down to an A. Very much what you need for that chunky djent sound!