EZdrummer 2 Review

Ezdrummer 2 from Toontrack enables beginners to produce professional level drum tracks for their songs thanks to its logical user interface and incredible built-in functions. It works as a standalone product or as a plugin that works with most recording hosts, such as GarageBand, Ableton, Pro Tools. The Ezdrummer 2 program has won multiple awards for its sound quality which was all recorded by master musician Chuck Ainlay in London. Check out EZdrummer 2 here on Amazon!

Ezdrummer 2 is a great product for anyone looking to level up their songwriting by adding realistic drums but aren’t ready for the complexity of Superior Drummer 2.0. EZdrummer 2 is a step up from Guitar Pro in terms of songwriting for drums as EZdrummer produces a more realistic drum sound with an easier interface for writing drums. For those looking for a complete songwriting process to include all instruments then you need to have a look at our review of Guitar Pro 6 here.

Let’s start with EZdrummer’s User Interface.

EZdrummer 2 comes with a graphical user interface showing you a full drum kit. This drum kit is then fully interchangeable with drums from a  modern drum library and a vintage drum library which you can go through to select whole kits. Or you can start from scratch and build up the whole kit yourself! If you are just starting out these prebuilt kits are an absolute godsend.

EZdrummer 2 Drums

Next comes the Browser tab, this allows you to search through EZdrummer’s huge library of preset beats to find the one that’s best for you. You can then sample each one with a small play button that auditions it into the track if you already have one. You can alter these racks once you’ve picked them but it is a great feature to have to get you started!

After the Browser tab, you have the Search tab which lets you search through the libraries using various inclusion or exclusion options. The Search tab is also where you can find the very cool feature which is Tap To Find, read on to learn more on that. Finally, you have the mixer tab which is where you can adjust all the various levels. There is again a big library full of pre-set mixes which you can choose from or you can do it all yourself from zero.

EZdrummer 2 Review Eq

Anchored to the bottom of every tab is the track builder, this is where you can easily drag and drop every section of your song. Once you have got your beat you can simply drag it into the track builder then get started on the next section! It couldn’t be easier! Now let’s have a look at some of the incredible features EZdrummer 2 has to offer.

Tap To Find

This is a really cool feature of EZdrummer 2, tap to find allows you to input a beat using the graphical interface of the guitar. You simply click out the beat by clicking on the various instruments while on a loop to build up your rhythm. It doesn’t have to be techinical! EZdrummer 2 then searches through its database of presets to find the closest match to what you input. Then you can use that beat or take it and edit it to fit exactly what you were looking for! This allows you to take your beat and get a much more professional final product.

Song Creator

Once you’ve used the Tap to find to establish your foundation rhythm the fun begins. You can then drag and drop this into the song creator and it will generate a whole bunch of song parts based off of your beat. Song Creator generates a chorus, verse, bridge, stuff like that and you can use this to finish your song! So you’ve gone from clicking out a basic rhythm to having an entire professionally track in no time at all! Awesome! But the next part function is what really made Ezdrummer 2 stand out for me.

Amount Knob

While it may not have a glamorous name EZdrummer’s Amount Knob is an incredible tool that is widely underutilized by users of EZdrummer 2. So here’s the situation many people have been in, especially non-drummers! You’ve been screwing around with the program and you’ve got yourself a complete track written. You must be feeling pretty stoked! You’ve just written an entire drum track straight from your computer!

But you feel like it’s missing something, you want to see what it would sound like with some added tom-toms or crash symbols. Now you might think you need to program in the extra drum manually to see how it sounds, or even start all over again which would suck!

That’s where the Amount Knob comes in.

You can simply select the instrument you want to include and dial up the amount knob. The program then uses a unique algorithm to include the instrument you selected throughout. Turn it up and it will include more of that instrument, turn it down and have less. The algorithm can detect what a real drummer would do if asked to include an extra drum. Seriously, how awesome is that?!? You can talk to your virtual drummer and get them to include the drum. To me, that is a serious tool, especially for beginners and enough of a reason to buy EZdrummer 2, which you can do straight from Amazon!

Edit Play Style

You can make a lot of alterations to your track to make it sound more realistic, because a real drummer doesn’t hit every drum at the same speed. A real drummer doesn’t maintain even volume levels throughout every drum, they have a lead hand which adds their own voice to their playing.

With Ezdrummer, you can select which instrument you want to have the power hand and then alter all sorts of articulations. Normally you would need to adjust individual accents using the piano roll editor and it is a tedious process. And you can adjust the velocities of the drums playing as a whole or individually if you want certain instruments to be louder or softer. This again lets you speak directly to your virtual drummer with the added bonus that they will listen to you!

You can listen for yourself to the quality of the output from EXdrummer 2 over at Soundcloud.

EZdrummer 2 vs Superior Drummer 2.0

EZdrummer 2 is often compared with Superior drummer 2.0 and The case has to be made or both of these Toontrack Products. The Superior Drummer 2.0 is a bigger program with many more capabilities. It comes with a bigger library of Mixes as well as more mixing capabilities to produce professional sounding music. In fact I’m fairly sure Meshuggah used Superior Drummer to produce the drums on one of their albums. And you can buy Superior Drummer presets made by Peripheries Misha Mansoor from Toontrack’s website. So it has professional capabilities but it is also almost double the cost, check it out here on Amazon, and with more capabilities comes a steeper learning curve. Whereas EZdrummer 2 can be learned in no time at all, it’s simple to use interface allows you to start producing full drum tracks in no time.

EZdrummer 2 is a fantastic stepping stone on the path to professional music production be it at home or in the studio. There are so many great features available in EZdrummer 2 that there is no questioning the value it will provide to your songwriting even if you have no drumming experience. You can buy Toontrack’s EZdrummer 2 straight from Amazon!

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