Dunlop DHCN1060 Heavy 7-String Set

The Dunlop DHCN1060 strings are nickel wound and heavy set ideal for any 7 string guitar player looking for a meatier sound or  is planning on tuning down. The gauge of these strings comes in as .010 .013 .017 .028 .038 .048 .060. But now let’s get down to business, this review is going to go through the pros, the cons and then who should buy these strings.

Dunlop DHCN1060 ReviewPros

Generally, people looking for a thicker gauge are looking to start tuning down their guitars. That’s why I became interested in them at least! And I am pleased to say that these strings will handle being tuned down as low as A flat. If you have a larger scale of the neck on your guitar you may be able to tune it down lower but it will comfortable play in A flat.

Will they djent? Yes, they most certainly will! The thicker gauge really holds up against the pick attack that djent needs.

The Dunlop DHCN1060s have excellent durability, once you’ve got them broken in they should last you many months before you have to. They also keep with a great sustain and solid

The heavier gauge means that your rhythm guitar will give off a really strong sound in any tuning. You do get heavier gauges of strings so if you enjoy flying through a solo they will have enough give to be up to the task.

Most importantly of all is the budget price these are! You can check it out here.


Now all the cons that are attributed to these strings are pretty minor it has to be said.

The heavy core means that when these strings are first put on they will take some time to break in. So if you play live be sure to change the strings in advance, you don’t want to be stuck having to retune after every song while the strings settle in!

You will still be able to play leads but you should know the heavier gauge means that your leads will become harder, especially if you bend the strings a lot. This is easily overcome with slight adjustments to your technique but it is good to be aware of what might feel different!


These string provide a great trade off between solid rhythms and sleek lead lines. This versatility allows for a really broad range in your playing, so if you’re new you could combine these with a budget 7 string guitar and you’ll be smashing out periphery riffs before you know it. If you use a guitar with a higher neck scale then combining this with a higher gauge of string will give you a massive sound.

Buy the Dunlop DHCN1060 strings if you are looking for a string set that can tune it down but can also hold it together for a real versatile range of sound. And again, cannot emphasize enough how much of a bargain these are. Buy them here!

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