Dragon’s Heart Picks – Review

Coming in at 2.5mm the Dragon’s heart Pick is A LOT thicker than most conventional picks but it’s specially designed beveled edge makes it play like a thinner pick with the control of a thicker pick. I didn’t think a pick could influence your playing so much but I was wrong, the Dragon’s Heart Pick allows you effortless speed and precision in your playing.

Dragon's heart group

The Dragon’s Heart Pick started with humble beginnings. Founder Corey Bell is a long time player of guitar and after finishing his military career he began tinkering with producing his own guitars and accessories. Whilst doing so he realized he had an affinity for doing so and managed to produce the stunning piece of equipment that is the Dragon’s Heart Pick.

I’ll let Corey Bell show you the insane durability of these picks in their first promo video here. I particularly like the part at 1 min 45 sec

The Dragon’s heart picks come in four different styles, you have Pure, Hardened and GT and Original. The main difference is that each one is made from a slightly different material They all have the same base material but some additions are made for each one. It can’t be denied that these picks are a little pricey but they are so worth it! Click on the images or the text “Click Here!” To view on Amazon!

  DurabilityToneWho's it forPrice
OriginalDragon's heart original1000 HoursWarmShredders and JazzClick Here!
PureDragon's heart Pure1200 HoursWarm and SoftBeginners and AcousticClick Here!
HardenedDragon's heart Hardened1500 HoursBrightHeavy Handed PlayersClick Here!
GTDragon's heart GT1400 HoursBalancedProfessinoalsClick Here!

Still not sold on these Dragon’s Heart Picks?

I bet I know why, read one!

First, I want to address the people who say “I’m not spending this much a single guitar pick! I’d lose it!” And while this may be true for a cheap piece of garbage, I promise you will not lose the Dragon’s Heart Pick. It is not a regular pick. It is the holy grail of plectrums! You’ve taken the time to read a review of this pick, you are going to take your money and purchase this incredible tool, then you are going to play it and feel how smooth it plays, how great it plays and you are going to take a lot more care of it because of that. You will remember where you put it, and if you lend it to a friend you will watch them like a hawk to make sure they give it back!

But it’s way to thick!

The thickness is intimidating at first I’ll admit. I didn’t think playing with a pointy quarter would be much good but I was wrong! The carefully beveled edges make it feel like you are playing with a much thinner pick. Meanwhile, the thickness of the Dragon’s heart Picks provides great grip and control as well as providing enough durability that this pick can last through more than 1000 hours. And it is said that 10,000 hours will make you an expert at something as well so by the time you are killing it like your heroes you will only have used 10 picks, maybe even less! Now I think that is incredible.

Dragon's Heart Single


The design of the Dragon’s Heart pick incorporates three optimized playing edges. The bottom edge has is the most versatile having a perfect balance between speed and attack, it is beyond perfect for a technical rhythm section. The sharp edge at the top right is perfect for soloing with its design featuring maximum attack, consistency, and precision. Finally, the round lobe at the top right was designed for effortless strumming and harmonics. With some practice, you can learn to switch between edges mid-song so you could be strumming away playing chords with the round lobe then switch to the pointy edge to smash out a solo!

The Manufacturing

Manufacturing isn’t normally something I’d talk about but it is really worthwhile in this case because of the sheer volume of thought that went into the Dragon’s Heart Picks. To start off, 63 different picks were analyzed to measure heaps of different traits, string displacement, curve radii, attack angles, return stroke distance, continuous stroke distance.

I had no idea that much would need to be considered when designing a pick! But hey, that’s why I’m reviewing them not making them!

The Dragon’s Heart Picks are then made using liquid injection molding and a material normally used in aerospace engineering! Once these picks are made they are then cured for 19 days to toughen the picks, which leads to the insane durability these picks have. After that, the Dragon’s Heart logo gets laser etched onto the surface ensuring that the logo lasts as long as the pick does!

Finally, I wanted to let you know that Dragon’s Heart Picks are 100% American made. Sweet!



I love the Dragon’s heart Picks, I think they are great picks and with the 1000+ hour durability it could be the last pick you buy this year! And with how much this pick improves your playing, this is the closest we are ever going to get to Tenacious D’s pick of destiny! I cannot recommend them enough.

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