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Best 7-string guitars under $500

Here are 5 of the best 7-string guitars you can get your hands on for less than $500. This is for beginners interested in 7-string guitars as well as the enthusiasts who are strapped for cash. Check them out! You won’t be disappointed.

Can’t be bothered reading the whole list?

Well, for those on a super tight budget you can’t go wrong with the Jackson JS22-7 Dinky. It is a phenomenal price for a 7-string guitar and you can sell it on for damn near as much as you bought it for.

For those with a bit of extra cash its got to be the Ibanez RG7421. Like I said in my article on 8 string guitars on a budget, I’m a sucker for Ibanez.

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15 Best Acoustic Guitars For Every Budget

What started as a Top 10 article, has spun slightly out of control coming to a rest at the 15 Best Acoustic Guitars For Every Budget.

I’ve made sure to cover all my favorite guitars over a large range of price starting from the obscene under $5000 dollars right the way down to the budget friendly at under $200.

For those of you who don’t know much about acoustic guitars have a look at the small guide I’ve put together below. It shows you the main points you’re going to look for when buying an acoustic guitar.

If you have a certain guitar price range in mind, click on one of the links below to get taken to that section.

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Guitar Pro 6 Review – Your Gateway to Song Writing Mastery

I’ve been using guitar pro 6 for more than 6 years and could not be happier!

This tablature software allows you to easily write songs on a variety of instruments using tab notation. And you can find fan-made tabs of loads of popular songs to download and learn from.

It is without a doubt the absolute best tool for learning the guitar.

Guitar Pro is endorsed by a lot of big names in the guitar world, most notably Arch Enemy, Michael Angelo Batio and none other than one of Djent Hubs favorites, TesseracT!

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The Best Guitar Case – Acoustic, Electric, Hard Or Soft We’ve Got It

There are a lot of factors that decide what the best guitar case for you is. For instance, do you just need a soft gig bag to walk down the road with? Or do you need the best guitar case for flying? In which case you’ll definitely need a hard case!

And the same guitar case for an Electric guitar definitely will not fit an Acoustic guitar!

So I’ve broken this list down into acoustic cases and electric cases as well as soft cases and hard cases.

Now the main feature you want from a guitar case is that it will keep your guitar safe. Yes, it makes transportation a lot easier, but you want to be completely comfortable that your guitar will arrive safely at its destination.

With that in mind, read on to find the best guitar cases available!

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Best Guitar Strings For Metal

So you love to play metal. As a fellow metalhead who’s been rocking out since a young teen, I don’t blame you! With the crazy intricate solos and heavy booming rhythms what’s not to love! Well, to play proper metal guitar you need to get yourself the right strings. Guitar strings for metal need to be a heavier gauge to help deliver that really thick heavy sound. They also need to retain the right tension when you tune down.

Sure having looser strings makes fretting easier so can speed up your playing dramatically but it comes at a cost. Loose strings cause you to lose sustain in your playing, they can cause fret buzz on your guitar and they can fall out of tune easier. This is why you’ll want to stick with a heavier gauge.

But a heavier gauge makes your playing a bit harder and slower, right? And more than a few metal guitarists love speeding around the top-end for solo’s, shredding at speeds that would leave an amateur with fingers like confetti. This is where the heavy bottom skinny top comes in. Having a heavy bottom will allow you to have punchy rhythm while having a light enough top to tear up the fretboard while soloing.

Which leaves us with two options, go all heavy and accept that you might not be able to play as fast in solos and that bending will be harder. Or you can go heavy bottom and light/medium top, so can still play down low thrashing out disgustingly heavy metal riffs while playing lightning fast solos that would make Michael Romeo weep. Now there’s no one size fits all so I’ve picked out the three best guitar strings for metal.

Best Guitar Strings For Metal

Best Guitar Strings for Metal

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Best 8-string Guitars On A Budget

If you are looking for a cheap 8-string guitar look no further! Here is a rundown of the best 8-string guitars you can get on a budget, each with a short review. 8-strings still aren’t as cheap as their 7-string counterparts but you can still get yourself a good one for a great price.

Early summary for those who can’t wait. My personal favorite is the Ibanez RG8004. It is perfect just to play around with if you’re getting used to the 8-string. Then, if you decide to get more serious you could easily swap out the stock pickups for something more serious! Click here for Price & Reviews

Or for those looking for something a little next level but are still on a budget then the Javier Reyes ESP is a phenomenal guitar for the price. Click Here to check it out on Amazon!

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Best Guitar Pedals for Blues -The Foundations of Great Blues Tone

So you’re looking for the best guitar pedals for blues? Look no further!

I’ve round up and talked about all the best guitar pedals for blues, where to get them and why you might want them.

Now, to me, every great blues tone starts with a great overdrive pedal. From there you can branch out if you wish and get some other pedals, maybe a wah pedal or a reverb but without the overdrive, you’ve got nothing.

In days gone by no guitar pedals were used by blues guitarists, just loud fuzzy sounding amps. Nowadays, we have an abundance of different guitar pedals available to us that we can use to get exactly the sound we want.

Combine these pedals with our guide on the best strings for the blues and we’ll be flying!

Of course, blues is a genre encompassing decades of experience, in other words, it is not an easy genre to define! So everyone’s idea of a blues tone will be different.

But for those of you looking to get started with a great blues tone read on.

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Elixir Guitar Strings Review – Nanoweb or Polyweb?

Elixir strings are some of the cheapest premium guitar strings you can get and they come in two very unique flavors: Elixir Nanoweb Guitar strings and Elixir Polyweb Guitar strings. Both of these types of guitar strings offer fantastic life thanks to their high standard of manufacture.

Elixir Guitar Strings Review

The main difference between the strings is that the Polyweb coating is much thicker than the Nanoweb coating which leads to a totally different sound and feel. The Polyweb strings give a warmer sound while the Nanoweb strings give a brighter sound.

Before we move on to the nitty gritty you should know the main problem with these strings. If you keep them on your guitar for a very long time (I’m talking up to a year or more of at least semi-regular playing) then they can start to shed their coating leaving you with guitar strings that look and feel like old rope.

But no guitar strings will last you that long and if it gets to that point you are way beyond needing to change your strings!

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Best Guitar Strings For Blues

Blues guitar is some of the most iconic there is – there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard of the late and great B.B. King. This guide will help you decide the best guitar strings for blues so you can emulate the greats!

Now as I’ve said in the other best string guides, the right strings are very important for getting the right feel when your playing and getting the right sound.

Best Guitar Strings For Blues

Whether you love Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters or even Eric Clapton you want to get yourself some heavy gauge strings to get a great blues sound. Comfortable playing is still hugely important for blues, so the best strings for blues let you play effortlessly with seamless bends and smooth groove so you don’t want to use strings so thick they are uncomfortable.

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Best Guitar Strings For Rock

Getting a good rock tone is a vital step for anyone’s path on the electric guitar, that’s why I put together this list of the best guitar strings for rock. There might be some who have never turned on the overdrive and smashed out power chords while rocking out in the bedroom but I bet there aren’t many. As with playing any style it’s important to get the right strings the best guitar strings for rock must have a thin gauge and be uncoated.

Best Guitar Strings For Rock

The best guitar strings for rock are a nice low gauge for easy bends and smooth vibrato. If you’re worried that thinner strings compromise tone you should know that ZZ-top sometimes used 8-38s and no one would dare call their tone soft! Now, if you play in Drop D then you will want to have a heavier bottom string, and if you’re wanting to tune down even further then check out the best guitar strings for metal!

Coated guitar strings became popular in the mid to late 90s so to get a true rock sound you want to stick with uncoated strings. Coated strings are designed to not compromise the tone in any way but I think there will always be a sound difference no matter how slight.So when choosing the best guitar strings for rock go with uncoated and accept that you will need to change them more often. Now rock music covers quite a large range of sounds so read on to find out which strings are best for you!

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