The Best Guitar Case – Acoustic, Electric, Hard Or Soft We’ve Got It

There are a lot of factors that decide what the best guitar case for you is. For instance, do you just need a soft gig bag to walk down the road with? Or do you need the best guitar case for flying? In which case you’ll definitely need a hard case!

And the same guitar case for an Electric guitar definitely will not fit an Acoustic guitar!

So I’ve broken this list down into acoustic cases and electric cases as well as soft cases and hard cases.

Now the main feature you want from a guitar case is that it will keep your guitar safe. Yes, it makes transportation a lot easier, but you want to be completely comfortable that your guitar will arrive safely at its destination.

With that in mind, read on to find the best guitar cases available!

Best Soft Electric Guitar Case

Gig bags offer a lot of advantages over hard cases for many people. Gig bags are lighter, easier to carry and almost always have a pocket for extra storage. Somewhere to put extra picks, cables, music, some even have space for your laptop.

The pitfall most people fall into how ever is buying a cheap gig bag. I mean you can pick them up for as low as $20 in places but this is a huge mistake. These soft bags offer no protection or support to the guitar leaving it vulnerable to dents scratches or even cracks in the neck!

When your guitar cost somewhere from $200 all the way to over $1000 it is definitely worth paying a little extra for the best guitar case.

That is why the Gator G-PG is the best soft case available.

Best Guitar Soft Case

The Gator G-PG gig bag comes with padded exterior providing maximum protection, what you need for your guitar! But my favorite part is that it comes with a neck brace meaning there is virtually no way your guitar could get broken while on the move.

Guitar Gator Soft Case

This Gator case also comes with a removable cushion at the bottom of the case meaning it will fit almost any electric guitar.

Best Soft Case For Guitar

Gator really have thought of everything because this soft case comes with a pocket dedicated to holding the fitted rain coat. So if you’re walking down the street and the heavens open in anticipation of your rockin’ show then you can get out your rain coat and easily cover your bag while the rain applauses your efforts.

Finally there is a microfleece layer ensuring that your guitar’s finish will remain absolutely untouched. A great choice of soft gig bag and a strong contender for the best guitar case. Click here to View it on Amazon!

Best Electric Guitar Hard Case

Now if you really put in the miles when you’re gigging you will want to get yourself a proper hard case for maximum protection, especially if you’re flying. You must have seen the horrifying pictures of things that have happened to people’s luggage and it turns my stomach to think of seeing the crumpled heap of my guitar coming through the baggage claim.

The best guitar hard case again is a Gator product (a coincidence, they just make really good guitar cases!)

The Gator GTSA-GTRELEC is everything you could possibly want in a hard guitar case. It comes with locking clips that are TSA approved making it perfect for flying. The Gator hard case is also made with military grade toughened plastic making it completely solid ensuring your guitar is kept safe.

Best Guitar Hard Case

The inner dimensions of this hard case are Body Length: 19.25” Body Height: 3.25” Lower Bout Width: 12.5” Middle Bout Width: 12.5” Upper Bout Width: 12.5” Overall Length: 39.5” so if your guitar is that size or smaller it will definitely fit! Bout width is the widest point of the body at that point.

These dimensions fit most guitars from these brands Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Martin, Epiphone, PRS, Gretsch, Ibanez, Yamaha, Takamine, Washburn, Guild, Seagull Guitars, Dean and much more. Click here to buy on Amazon!

Best Acoustic Guitar Soft case

I’ve already talked about the advantages of a soft case over a hard one above so I’ll get straight to the point.

The TKL 5415 is everything you could want in an acoustic guitar case. It is designed to fit dreadnought guitars which are the most common size of acoustic guitars.

Best Acoustic Soft Guitar Case

The TKL gig bag is durable and water resistant.

This is not the same as waterproof but if the rain comes on and you’re on foot your guitar will be safe long enough to get some shelter. But it won’t survive being thrown in the river.

This case comes with loads of pocket space, comfort handles, and two fully detachable backpack shoulder straps. Ideal for any acoustic guitarist on the move! Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Best Acoustic Guitar Hard Case

I’ve had a hard case on my acoustic guitar for many years and can’t imagine keeping it in anything else. Especially since it has been knocked over on more than one occasion..

The best hard acoustic guitar case has got to be the Crossrock Hard Case. It comes as standard with a high quality toughened plastic shell and high-density foam on the inside making it as sturdy as they come.

Best Acoustic Classical Hard Case

The inside of this case then comes with a deep plush layer on the inside ensuring there are no scratches made on your guitar during transit. I really like this case because it comes with backpack straps which are quite unusual for a hard case.

This case comes with 4 secure latches one TSA approved lock latch making it perfect for flying.

You can also get this case in a classical guitar style making it perfect for any classical guitarist. I think a classical guitar definitely deserves extra protection so this hard case is definitely the way to go. Click here to buy one from Amazon!

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