Best 8-string Guitars On A Budget

If you are looking for a cheap 8-string guitar look no further! Here is a rundown of the best 8-string guitars you can get on a budget, each with a short review. 8-strings still aren’t as cheap as their 7-string counterparts but you can still get yourself a good one for a great price.

Early summary for those who can’t wait. My personal favorite is the Ibanez RG8004. It is perfect just to play around with if you’re getting used to the 8-string. Then, if you decide to get more serious you could easily swap out the stock pickups for something more serious! Click here for Price & Reviews

Or for those looking for something a little next level but are still on a budget then the Javier Reyes ESP is a phenomenal guitar for the price. Click Here to check it out on Amazon!

Ibanez RG8004

Ibanez RG8004

The Ibanez RG8004 8 comes in as the cheapest 8-string on the list. Three decades of metal have gone into forging the RG series of Ibanez guitars and several of my heroes of Djent swear by Ibanez. The RG8004 comes fitted with the wizard II neck which is super slim to provide easy comfortable playing. This type of neck is preferable for most but some people don’t like it. If you’ve never played an Ibanez try one out before buying this just so you’re used to the neck.

It comes with a 27” scale neck which is necessary to help keep tension on the 8th string but I would still recommend getting a thicker 8th string if you’re going to tune down at all. Otherwise, you might find you get a bit of buzz from the lowest string.

If you like heavy gauge strings you could go for the Ernie ball 8-string set which has a 0.08 gauge for the lowest string. Or if you want something a little lighter you might get away with 0.074 gauge with the D’Addario EXL 140

Either are still thicker than the 0.065 gauge that comes as standard on the 8th string.

The Ibanez RG8004 comes with the IBZ-8 pickups which were specifically designed for the 8-string models so they perfectly handle the deep sounds of that 8th string giving a warm thick tone. In saying that, they are stock pickups so installing your own definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing!

I really love the color this model comes in, as well as the general shape of the body. The blue sunburst is gorgeous there’s no other word for it. But if blue is not for you, it is also available in a red and silver sunburst as well!

This is the definitely the place to start if you are delving into the world of 8-strings. A very reasonable price tag for a solid guitar! Click here to check it out on Amazon!

Schecter Guitar Research C-8 Deluxe

Schecter Research C-8

Schecter are another of the forerunners making extended range guitars available and affordable for the masses. The first opportunity I got to play an 8-string guitar was my friends Schecter and I loved it. It took me a little while to get my hand adjusted to the stretch two extra string require but it was so worth it.

The Schecter C-8 boasts a 28″ scale length making it perfect for those looking to drop down your tuning even further. The string through body and diamond series pickup give this guitar fantastic sustain and the c shaped thin neck make this guitar very comfortable to play.

In a lot of ways this guitar is very basically Schecters Answer to the Ibanez RG8004 above. It is similar in specs, shape and even price to be honest coming in at just a little more expensive than the RG8004. So I think it is a matter of brand preference really, I personally really liked the Schecter I played but I always favor Ibanez. Many of my favorite artists stand by Ibanez and a few artists I dislike stand by Schecter. It’s petty, but true.

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Dean Custom 850X 8-string

My first proper electric guitar (by which I mean one that wasn’t out a starter kit> was a Dean Flying V so I have a soft spot for dean guitars. You never forget your first you know?

Now the 850X is Dean’s take on an entry level 8 string guitar. Again featuring a lot of the same specs as the previous 2; Humbucker pickups, Basswood body, C-shape neck. The difference again comes down to the scale length, Dean have gone with a 26.5″ scale length which I think is a little too short for an 8 string but I like a thinner gauge of strings. With 26.5″ scale length you’re going to want to up the gauge a couple of steps to keep the tension tight on the low end.

We have again edged up slightly in price from the Schecter but this is still a fantastic price for an 8 string guitar.

Another great guitar for any beginner looking to explore the world of extended range guitars.

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ESP LTD Javier Reyes Jr-208

It is debatable whether or not this one should really be on the budget list, but it is so damn good I had to include it.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Javier Reyes play then you need to check out Animals as Leaders, Reyes is the man alongside Tosin Abasi who make Animals as Leaders happen. His progressive use of classical music and extended range guitars is a thing of beauty and definitely someone you want to emulate!

The guitar itself is fantastic. ESP have long been making fantastic guitars and this one is no exception. Boasting 27″ Scale length, the sweet spot for 8 string guitars, and passive ESP pickups this guitar is perfect for anyone who is serious about 8 string guitars but is still on a budget.

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Michael Kelly CC53

Michael Kelly CC53

Now I think the CC53 is just awesome, an 8-string guitar designed to look like a classic single cutaway Telecaster. The Michael Kelly is truly a unique guitar, it looks like nothing you would ever imagine would have 8-strings! The colors are wicked as well, the burnt green with hints of black are nothing short of sexy.

The downside to this guitar is that it is now quite hard to come by. When I first wrote this post there were a few available on Amazon but those have since been snapped up. It was part of a custom collection and I wrote a full review of them here for those who are interested. So if you can find one get it while you can, you won’t be disappointed.

The CC53 comes with Rockfield FAT ASS pickups which produce a really dirty tone perfect for defining leads and finger blasting riffs. So this might not be the best for the djent sound, but with the right set up any guitar can djent. These are some of the best pickups so far that comes as standard on a guitar. They will definitely hold up to anything they’re put through, from thrashing around at home to killing it live on stage

If you are still not sold on 8-string guitars then have a look at our 7-string guitars under $500!

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