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25 Original Gifts For Guitar Players

So you know a guitarist and are looking for the perfect gift for them. Well be it christmas, a Secret Santa, Fathers Day, Mothers day, Valentines day, a birthday or even just a random gift exchange this list will have the perfect gift you’re looking for!

I’ve tried to write this for the benefit of non-guitar players. If you are a guitar player then be sure to send this list out to your loved ones before it’s too late!

I’ve picked all these gifts based on ones I’ve received myself and ones I am hoping to receive. I have also made sure not to include some of the worst guitar presents I’ve gotten over the years, like an inflatable guitar or a guitar t-shirt that you can play.

Gifts For Guitar Players

I’ve made sure to include a range of gifts, some serious, some silly and some useful! They are ordered from lowest price to highest so be sure to click through to amazon to check the price and order your favorite guitar player the perfect gift today!

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Best Guitar Strings For Blues

Blues guitar is some of the most iconic there is – there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard of the late and great B.B. King. This guide will help you decide the best guitar strings for blues so you can emulate the greats!

Now as I’ve said in the other best string guides, the right strings are very important for getting the right feel when your playing and getting the right sound.

Best Guitar Strings For Blues

Whether you love Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters or even Eric Clapton you want to get yourself some heavy gauge strings to get a great blues sound. Comfortable playing is still hugely important for blues, so the best strings for blues let you play effortlessly with seamless bends and smooth groove so you don’t want to use strings so thick they are uncomfortable.

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Guitar Tonewood – The Complete Guide

This is another addition to our Guitar Buying Guide , helping you understand all there is about guitars so you can make the right decisions when your shopping for your next guitar. This article is going to focus on guitar Tonewood! The wood of your guitar should be overlooked when buying or building a new guitar, using a different wood will change the very voice of the guitar. This is more important in acoustic guitars than in electric guitars but to me it is still an important factor. You need to decide what wood to use as the body, neck and fretboard of your guitar. It can get a little confusing reading about all the different tonewoods and their characteristics so I’ve made up an infographic showing you each of the most common tonewoods, where it’s used and how it sounds!

Tonewood – The Complete Guide

Electric Guitar Tonewood

If you would like to use this inforgaphic on your site feel free! Just be sure to credit a link back to our site here at Djent Hub.

I’ve gone into a little more detail about each of the tonewoods below so read on for more information! See anything I’ve missed? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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Best Guitar Strings For Rock

Getting a good rock tone is a vital step for anyone’s path on the electric guitar, that’s why I put together this list of the best guitar strings for rock. There might be some who have never turned on the overdrive and smashed out power chords while rocking out in the bedroom but I bet there aren’t many. As with playing any style it’s important to get the right strings the best guitar strings for rock must have a thin gauge and be uncoated.

Best Guitar Strings For Rock

The best guitar strings for rock are a nice low gauge for easy bends and smooth vibrato. If you’re worried that thinner strings compromise tone you should know that ZZ-top sometimes used 8-38s and no one would dare call their tone soft! Now, if you play in Drop D then you will want to have a heavier bottom string, and if you’re wanting to tune down even further then check out the best guitar strings for metal!

Coated guitar strings became popular in the mid to late 90s so to get a true rock sound you want to stick with uncoated strings. Coated strings are designed to not compromise the tone in any way but I think there will always be a sound difference no matter how slight.So when choosing the best guitar strings for rock go with uncoated and accept that you will need to change them more often. Now rock music covers quite a large range of sounds so read on to find out which strings are best for you!

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Ultimate Guide To Curt Mangan Guitar Strings

Curt Mangan’s strings were suggested to me by someone on our Twitter and I am so glad they were! I was so impressed by the high quality of these strings I decided to put together this ultimate guide to make sure everyone tries out these superb guitar strings. Read on to read reviews of the Curt Mangan Bass Guitar Strings, Acoustic Guitar Strings, and Electric Guitar Strings!

Curt Mangan Strings FINAL

Curt Mangan founded his string making company in 2004 after stepping down as director of sales for Ernie ball after 17 years. Curt Mangan brings 50 years of experience and passion to his company to make strings using only the very best materials. There are no flashy sales techniques, they let their phenomenal product speak for itself.Read more: Ultimate Guide To Curt Mangan Guitar Strings

Snark SN 10s Pedal Tuner Review

As sturdy as a prison and twice as useful, the Snark SN 10s Pedal tuner is one of the best value pedal tuners you can get. The Snark SN pedal tuner provides fantastic tuning accuracy, a large bright screen display, and lightning fast response. All you could possibly want for a chromatic stompbox tuner with the added bonus of the incredible price! Find it here on Amazon!

Why the Snark SN 10s Pedal Tuner

Snark SN-1 Pedal TunerThe Snark SN 10s Pedal tuner is a really accurate pedal tuner. With an incredibly solid case holding this tuner together alongside the big bright display it is a great addition to your guitar pedal line up. Because of the direct input, the Snark Pedal Tuner is more accurate than the Snark Sn series of clip-on tuners. If you are in the market for a clip on tuner read our review of the Snark Sn Clip on tuners.

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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Strings Last Longer


Everyone want their strings to last as long as possible. I know if a set of strings were released with a year long life, I would be the first in line! But while we wait for science to catch up with our hopes and dreams here are 5 easy ways to make your strings last longer. Not just guitar strings but any stringed instrument!5 Easy Ways To Make Your Strings Last Longer

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Snark SN 1 Tuner Review

Snark Sn 2 Review

Anyone who is looking to buy an easy to use tuner with fast response and incredible accuracy need look no further than the Snark SN series of tuners. I will be focusing on the SN 1 tuner suited for guitar and bass, for those looking for other instruments read one!

The SN 1 tuner does not have a microphone and works using the vibrations of the strings so you can tune your guitar anywhere, however noisy it is. Even live on stage, the Snark Sn 1 tuner gives you accurate tuning and fast response so you can tune your guitar while your fans thunder applause at you and keep on playing hardly interrupted. No need to mess around swapping cables to plug in your tuner or add an extra pedal into your guitar line. No hassle, just a simple to use tuner. Find it here on Amazon!

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EZdrummer 2 Review

EZdrummer 2 Drums

Ezdrummer 2 from Toontrack enables beginners to produce professional level drum tracks for their songs thanks to its logical user interface and incredible built-in functions. It works as a standalone product or as a plugin that works with most recording hosts, such as GarageBand, Ableton, Pro Tools. The Ezdrummer 2 program has won multiple awards for its sound quality which was all recorded by master musician Chuck Ainlay in London. Check out EZdrummer 2 here on Amazon!

Ezdrummer 2 is a great product for anyone looking to level up their songwriting by adding realistic drums but aren’t ready for the complexity of Superior Drummer 2.0. EZdrummer 2 is a step up from Guitar Pro in terms of songwriting for drums as EZdrummer produces a more realistic drum sound with an easier interface for writing drums. For those looking for a complete songwriting process to include all instruments then you need to have a look at our review of Guitar Pro 6 here.

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The Guitar Neck – All You Need To Know

This is part of the guitar buyers guide series, everything you could possibly need to know about the neck of your guitar, talking about the Scale Length, Guitar Neck Profile, Guitar Fretboard Radius, and your Frets. For proper guitar neck care be sure to check out the best fretboard oils and how to use them!

Scale Length

Scale length of a guitar is twice the length from the nut of the guitar to the 12th fret, it should not be confused with Guitar neck length, which is the length of the neck. Guitar scale length ranges hugely through electric guitars from 22.5” on Junior guitars right up to 30” and more on an 8 string guitar. Bass guitar scale length is bigger still, where shorter scale basses start around 30” and longer scale guitar go as high as 35”, It does go higher than this but they tend to be custom made or are just up and beyond the reach of most players. Now what does scale length do and why should you care? Read on.

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