Animals as Leaders Signature Picks – Review

Animals As Leaders have two different styles of fantastic signature pick. The Dunlop AALP03 Tosin Abasi Signature pick and the Dunlop AALP 02/01 Animals As Leaders Primetone picks.

The Tosin Abasi Signature Tortex Jazz III 0.60mm

Tosin Abasi SignatureThe minimalist blue design against the brilliant white is magnificent. These plectrums feel a little Powdery to the touch because of the tortex design. This powdery feel creates friction against the string which gives excellent grip on the string and allows for complete control. If you throw some distortion into the mix you get a gritty grungy sound. Awesome.

The Tosin Abasi Signature picks gauge comes in at 0.60mm so it is on the lighter side of the medium picks. This medium-light gauge gives you enough heaviness to batter out low-end rhythm while having enough flexibility to sweep over the strings like Abasi himself. The extra large size gives you all the control you could possibly need to master the fretboard.

When it comes to pick gauge it’s all about personal preference. I remember not long after I started playing guitar I was learning an Arch Enemy song, Nemesis, which has a really fast tremolo picked riff in it.

I was showing the song to a friend and he told me I’d need to break out my thinnest pick for it, I got really confused because I played with a really thick pick and couldn’t comprehend playing something like that with a thin pick. So if a heavier pick is your jam then check out the next in the Animals As Leaders range.

First, you should know that these are a great price! Even more so since they come in a 6 pack. Check them out here on Amazon!

The Animals As Leaders Signature Primetone .73mm

Animals as Leaeders PrimetoneI really like what Dunlop have done with their range of Primetone picks, each pick is burnished by hand to provide you with a pick that fits like a glove with its perfectly sculpted edges ready to glide through the strings.

The Animals As Leaders Primetone picks come in 2 colors, beer bottle green and root beer brown. The picks come with a really cool graphic etched on it providing a solid grip in the hand. It might feel a little odd at first if you’ve never tried out a Primetone before but you get used to it quickly.

These are slightly more expensive since you only get a three pack but a lot of thought has gone into the design from Dunlop with their Primetone range and then the added knowldege of guitar and djent heavy weights Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes. This means they are still great value for money in my mind. Check them out here!

You can get all three together for a really great price! Just go to the frequently bought together. Which would let you experiment with the different thicknesses and see how the etched design feels in the hand. Personally, I’d recommend getting both. You can never have enough picks and these aren’t very expensive.

If you want to read more about Animals As Leaders check out their page here on djent hub.

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