About Me

Djent HubMy name is John, the Scottish guy on the left drinking whiskey on holiday in Iceland.

It is my mission to make sure you are getting the absolute best value when buying for your guitar. I want you to master your instrument as well as the pros without the years of trial and error.

Why Djent?

I am a lover of all music, especially djent, and despite djent getting a lot of hate, djent musicians are masters of their craft. As a fellow gear nerd, I have always felt inspired by the founders of djent. The likes of Misha Mansoor of Periphery and Acle Kahney of TesseracT who both created world renowned bands from their bedrooms thanks to their vast knowledge of music production and guitar equipment.

For more on what djent is, check out this guide to What is Djent

Here at Djent Hub, I am going to help you gain as much knowledge as the pros by sorting the great products from the crap ones. I want to ensure you get the absolute best value you can from what you buy while teaching you how to get the very most out of your guitar.

I have to admit I have a particular affinity towards extended range guitars, 7 and 8 string guitars are just what I love, but that doesn’t mean all you 6 string enthusiasts won’t learn anything! All guitars need to be treated the same way regardless of how many strings you have.

But who am I to talk to you about guitars?

Well, what I lack in years I definitely make up for in experience, I have spent nearly all of my time since 2008 learning about the guitar. All through school and college I neglected to study and took to the internet instead learning everything I could about the guitar which I am here to share with you!

I will help you weave through the bullshit to help you truly understand your instrument. For instance:


  • Take a look at my guide to the guitar neck! You can find out what all their really is to know about scale length as well as fretboard radius and more!




If there is anything you are thinking of buying but are unsure let me and I’ll check it out and review it for you! Even if you want to send over some hate just use the Contact Form or send me an Email at djenthub(@)gmail.com (sorry about the brackets around @, without them I get bombarded with spam). I handle enough hate for loving djent everywhere else on the internet I can handle it here too!


You can also connect with me personally on Djent Hubs Facebook pageTwitter account, or Google+ Profile! Don’t be shy! I want to connect with and help you all.