5 Easy Ways To Make Your Strings Last Longer


Everyone want their strings to last as long as possible. I know if a set of strings were released with a year long life, I would be the first in line! But while we wait for science to catch up with our hopes and dreams here are 5 easy ways to make your strings last longer. Not just guitar strings but any stringed instrument!5 Easy Ways To Make Your Strings Last Longer


Your hands are covered in all sorts of sweat and grime (not to mention anything else that might get on your hands while you’re “practicing” in your bedroom). Your hands are one of the main contact points on your strings. So when you start playing you’re going to cover the strings in dirt and moisture causing them to slowly rust away.


You want to wipe down your guitar strings every time you finish playing, this stops any residual moisture from affecting the strings. It’s as simple as running an old towel or washcloth up and down the fretboard a couple of times when you’re done. Such a simple addition to your routine will stop your fretboard getting so dirty and increase your string life. Bobby over at Guitar Answer Guy has a great guide on wiping down your strings which you can read here.


Cleaning your fretboard is essential to increase the longevity of your strings. Your fretboard is another main contact with your guitar strings so it needs to be clean. If you’ve seen an old neglected fretboard you know the dirt that can build up, so you need to be cleaning your fretboard at every string change. I would recommend against using most fretboard oils at every string change because this can do more harm than good.

You can read a full guide on how to safely use fretboard oils here.


Using coated strings will last longer than non-coated strings but you can go one step further. Ernie ball claim their Cobalt Strings will last longer than others but I wasn’t a fan of them. Now D’Addario however, upped the stakes with their NYXL range. The NYXLs use new manufacturing methods to make the best goddamn strings on the market. They last longer and have an awesome sound.

You can read the full review here.


Finally, keeping your guitar in its case will help your strings live longer. Your guitar case is a safe haven against moisture which causes your strings to wear out faster. This has a bigger effect in humid environments than dry ones. While putting your guitar away after every use might seem a pain in the ass it is definitely worth it.

So there you have it. 5 easy ways you can make your guitar strings last longer resulting in

  • Less string changes
  • Smoother feel
  • Better sound

There’s no excuse when it comes to guitar care and these tips will save you time and money in the long run so start doing them! While your making your srings last longer why not have a read of how to make your practise more efficient! Courtesy of Charlotte at Guitar-Instruction-Video.

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